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How it works

♥ We have a new subscription theme every other month!

♥ You'll be charged on the first day you sign up.

♥ Your next payment will be on last day of every other month. For example, If you sign up in February your next payment will be the last day of April.

♥ You'll be notified before your next payment is due and when your subscription is shipped!

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What you get

♥ Subscribe & save - subscriptions are always priced lower than shop prices

♥ VIP treatment - Early bird shopping on new collections with sweet discount

♥ Exclusivity - Access for our private insta page @TheJewellerySubscription

♥ Convenience - new jewellery sent straight to your door every other month!

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Shipping schedule

♥ Subscriptions are shipped early

January / March / May / July / September / November

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Great for...

♥ Jewellery lovers

♥ Saving money

♥ Supporting a maker you love

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Upcoming themes

Jan / Feb - Space Cats

Mar / Apr - Picnic Life

May / June - Jungle

July / August - Rollerskate

Sep / Oct - TBD

Nov / Dec - TBD

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♥ Can I combine subscriptions? ie Brooch & Earrings? 

YES! Just add the subscriptions you want then manage them in your account.

♥ How do I cancel? 

Simple!👍 Log into your account, click on 'Subscriptions' (in the left hand corner on a desktop or drop down menu on a phone) then head over to 'Actions' and 'Cancel'

♥ Can I skip a month? 

Not at this time👌

♥ Does the price include shipping? 

There is a £5.00 overseas handling fee but FREE shipping to the UK!

♥ How do I login to my Jewellery Subscription account?

You can find your login link in your subscription confirmation email but if you can't find it send me a message here and I'll send you a link to your account👌

If you have any other questions feel free to get in touch here!

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Earrings Subscription - £15

Brooch Subscription - £20

Necklace Subscription  - £25

Jewellery Collector - £45

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♥ FREE UK shipping

 £5 for overseas handling fee. No tracked shipping

♥ In the EU? Message me here to make an order

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  • Tori

    "The most magical gift to myself is receiving the Earring Subscription every other month. So very special!"

  • Kirsty

    "Just the best little parcel of joy to open up! All the extra details you add in make it extra special."

  • Lisa

    "I so look forward to it arriving in the post! Each piece is beautiful and so well made. I love it!"

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