Hey there!

I'm Laura, the whimsical woman behind I Love Crafty! I created my jewellery brand back in 2009! I create unique acrylic brooches, necklaces, earrings and specialise in interactive and nostalgic designs! All pieces are handmade in the UK and laser cut in Bristol where I live and I ship worldwide!
Make yourself comfy and take a look at my video above for a tour of my home office, learn a little about my crafty beginnings! It's nice to meet you!😘
I'm inspired by magic, creativity & kindness💕
When I graduated from film school in 2005 I had a dream, not to make films anymore but to open a shop and use my creativity everyday. I went from day job to day job, had some fun on the way but I always longed to be my own boss and create a life I loved. 
Skip ahead a few years and I came up with "I Love Crafty" (I came up with my name by making a collage out of magazines) and my life has never been the same since!
I started selling at markets, opened up a brick & mortar store then had kids and began working from home which I love!
I design each piece myself and once its ready, it is laser cut locally here in Bristol. Then its ready to be hand crafted in my small home office! I sit there, listening to some good music or an inspirational podcast and put everything together by hand! Its like working on tiny jigsaw puzzles all day😘
When you order from me I want you to be excited as you wait for your magical gift to arrive! I carefully design my packaging to be extra special, created with care, imagination and love💕
    Wanna chat more? Feel free to send me a message via my contact page and you can find out lots of info on my FAQ page here!