I'm Laura, the dreamer behind I 💙 Crafty which I started back in 2009!

I create products that make you happy and create high vibes.

All pieces are handmade in the UK and laser cut in Bristol where I live and I ship worldwide!

My story

When I graduated from film school in 2005 I had a dream, not to make films anymore but to open a shop and use my creativity everyday.

I went from day job to day job, had some fun on the way but I always longed to be my own boss and create a life I loved.

Skip ahead a few years and I came up with "I Love Crafty" (I came up with my name by making a collage out of magazines) and my life has never been the same since!I started selling at markets, opened up a brick & mortar store then had kids and began working from home!

The future

I'm following what feels good and making exciting changes in my business including:

NEW Scented Candles to create a vibe - I’m loving making candles again after many years and can’t wait to sell them soon!

NEW Ceramics to bring a vibe to your home - There’s something so instinctive and satisfying working with clay that I’m loving!

1 Order = 1 Tree - Plant a tree with every order! I've partnered up with Tree Nation who plant a tree for every order placed to offset the emissions created during shipment.

Plastic Free Packaging - I'm proud to say that all my packaging is now plastic free and recyclable! Plus the cotton bags placed in your order can be reused.

Wanna know more?

Feel free to send me a message via my contact page and you can find out lots of info on my FAQ page here!